How To Outsource Customer Service

As a business owner, customer service should be your utmost priority. Whenever customers have complaints or inquiries, you need to address them right away. When you are a startup, it is okay that you’re the one to handle customer service issues. However, as your client base grows, it can become overwhelming to handle all those concerns while managing your business at the same time.

Now, more than ever, you need to focus on delivering high-quality customer service. 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. While price and quality of products is still important for them, you also need to focus on customer service. The #1 reason customers switch brands is because they feel unappreciated.

Customer service is a time-consuming task. If you will be answering inquiries or concerns, you might not have the time to focus on your core tasks. Handling customer concerns is one of the tasks that you should consider outsourcing to a provider. Statistics reveal that customer service is among the most outsourced processes. It is predicted that the outsourced customer care services industry is set to become a $110 billion industry by 2024.

If you are busy growing your business, you won’t be as efficient in providing excellent customer service as much as you once were.. Learning how to outsource customer service is important in order to meet the needs of your clients without sacrificing the other aspects of your business. In this article, we shall cover the following topics:

  1. Signs You Need To Outsource Customer Service
  2. Wrong Reasons To Outsource Customer Service
  3. Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service
  4. How To Outsource Customer Service
  5. What To Look For In A Customer Service Provider

Signs You Need To Outsource Customer Service

You’ve fallen behind on your to-do list

You need to get more competitive

Outsourcing provides your customers with an “always open” mentality. It will allow customers to contact you whenever it’s convenient to them. By operating 24/7/365, you can address emergencies that your in-house staff can’t attend to during the weekend or after their shifts.

Holidays are coming

Business is good but bandwidth is short

To help your in-house staff focus on their core functions, outsourcing can be a viable solution. You can scale your business proportionally while maintaining high-quality service.

You want to increase global coverage

Wrong Reasons For Outsourcing Customer Service

Don’t outsource to reduce costs

Yes hiring a per hour provider will be lower than hiring internally. However, hiring small numbers of well-trained outsourced agents isn’t the cheapest option. The very low cost BPO providers are best for companies with much higher volume of repetitive support requests.

Don’t outsource to avoid customer service responsibilities

Don’t outsource for a quick fix

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

Added flexibility

Access to a large and qualified talent pool

Improved focus

Outsourcing can save you time and money

Recruiting and managing people can take much of your time. Keeping that in mind while focusing on the growth of your business can be overwhelming. By outsourcing, you can have the time to review and analyze your workflow and improve your standard operating procedure.

24/7 Coverage

Free from Lawsuit

Reduced healthcare costs

How To Outsource Customer Service

Establish clear goals

To start off, why are you outsourcing? If your goal is to cut costs, how much do you want to save before entering into a negotiation? If you simply want to free up your employees so they can focus on their tasks, ensure that their roles will be covered by the provider.

If your aim is that customer support is done by trained professionals, focus on that. This should be clearly defined by your top-level management.

Next, define what you want from the outsourcing team. What is the goal of the outsourcing team? Will they provide support to existing clients or try to increase customer retention? What are the services included in the agreement?

Make sure that you check with your legal department for any potential legal and security issues related to customer service outsourcing. There might be some restrictions on your company policies such as how much client information and data can be shared with a third party.

Think about your customer

Your knowledge of your buyers persona as well as your experience with your customers will help you decide which service to hire and outsource. In a way, you are sharing your voice with your partner so they need to talk to customers like you do.

Choose the right partner

  • If you have clients around the world, seek a multilingual 24/7 customer service team
  • Look for the best customer service rep with the right skills
  • Find out how your partner handles difficult clients
  • Determine their capacity to manage high-volume queries and/or in-depth conversations based on your needs
  • Look for an outsourcing partner with omnichannel approach (phone calls, online chat, email, social selling)
  • Examine their track record and talk to some of their previous clients

When learning how to outsource customer service, keep in mind that cheap is not always best. Quality assurance is more important than picking the lowest priced outsourcing partner.

Train for quality

However, you will still need to onboard your new partner. This will help them understand your culture, buyer persona, and the quality standards you have set for your organization.

Measure success

Open communication channels

Understand your voice and tone

What To Look For In A Provider

Business goals


If you are looking to cut costs, offshore service providers tend to have the lowest rates while onshore providers are the most expensive. With offshore providers, time difference does not matter since they will work according to your time zone.


Service Level Agreements



Metrics serve as an indicator to measure whether your team is meeting performance goals or not. It will also help you identify areas for improvement. This way you can devise ways to optimize processes.

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