You have invested with inbound marketing, but what about investing in Inbound Sales? Inbound marketing is important as it attracts new leads, but that doesn’t automatically create revenue — closing your sale does. airisX Sales supports will provide your qualified leads with an informative and an engaging experience. airisX inbound sales reps are not only good at closing the sale since they can also price analysis, product offers, and many more!

Sounds good, right? But why is practicing inbound sales important for your business?

What is inbound sales?

Inbound sales is the method of selling to keep up with the buyer’s changing approach in purchasing. With technology today, buyers have the ability to research right at their fingertips, that makes today’s buyers empowered with information. This means that your sales approach should align and keep up with the knowledge that your buyers are already bringing on the table. Inbound sales acts like inbound marketing that seeks to educate the buyers and gain their trust — without the risk of scaring them away with a hard sell. Inbound sales representatives act as consultants willing to educate to meet prospective buyers where they already are: seeking more information about your products.

This approach prioritizes the buyer’s need to make a firm decision and it will help you avoid the sound of being a typical pushy salesperson. In addition, inbound sales isn’t just beneficial for your customers. This strategy also allows your sales team to focus on the highest probability prospects. Your sales team is going to improve their close rates and increase the revenue by simply encouraging dialogues in timely and relevant manner.

These are not the only benefits of practicing inbound sales. Enjoying new sales revenues, you can also improve the efficiency of your sales team, increase customer retention, and align your marketing and sales strategy.

The inbound sales methodology

  • Identify your customers, turning them from total strangers into leads.
  • Take action to qualify the leads you have and move from the awareness stage to consideration stage.
  • As your leads starts to communicate with you, and start engaging with your content in the consideration stage, you can dive deeper and analyze their needs and identify sales opportunities.
  • Identifying their needs and finding sales opportunity will allow you to advise your leads with the best possible solution while they are in the decision phase, which in time, results in converting them from leads to customers.

Inbound sales strategies

  • This step is critical since as a seller, your company needs to know who you are selling your services and products to. Buyer persona(s) define the different buying patterns of companies within your Ideal Buyer Profile.
  • Inbound sales accommodates your buyer’s natural buying process. It is a buyer-focused strategy as opposed to seller-focused or company-focused.
  • With the technology nowadays, salespeople need to keep up and learn about products, get access to the right person, or read a case study to always be knowledgeable about what they are selling.
  • The opportunity to directly connect with a prospect is not always an opportunity to sell. The goal of connecting with a prospect is to generate one small win after another. You should open a two-way conversation that will uncover more information so that you can convert your prospects to a qualified lead.
  • Traditional sales people jump on to the opportunity to pitch whenever a prospect shows interest. This is losing its touch real fast in the modern world. Before considering any type of pitch, it’s important that the first reaction and step is to explore the challenges your prospect faces, their goals, how to achieve them, and if they have a certain target time to achieve them.

What do you need to develop your inbound sales methodology?

  • Turn your emails into customizable email templates. In doing so, you can create a perfectly catered message to each and every customers. Receiving customized interactions is very important, as this will make your customers feel seen and important, which are the two most important factors to earn their trust.
  • CRM tools can help you organize your customer’s data so you know who are new customers, set-up probability rates of each customer, set-up the deal stages for each of your customers, lead status, and much more. Your sales representatives can view this data, thus empowering them to close more deals. Also, leads can be assigned certain sales representative to work on.
  • There are lots of tools you can use to organize your sales history and information. From call list, to meeting tools, to app integration. Having experienced sales personnel to handle this job will definitely give you an edge on keeping track of your business.
  • Of course, if you don’t know how to use your CRM, you wouldn’t be able to understand the information it provides, and you will not be able to use it to close more sales. It’s crucial that you and your sales team know how to view dashboards and review performance, as well as use contact and deal views to review critical information.
  • Technology makes sales enablement easier than ever. You can set your lead’s scoring and status and put them directly in the system.
  • This will help you see what’s working, what’s not, and what processes you need to change in your sales and marketing strategy.
  • Most CRM software allows you to manage your sales content library by topic, persons, and more. This will make you ready to provide your prospects with the best targeted information as you continue to assist their needs.

Reach out to an agency for help

  • Fulfilling the steps provided above might seem overwhelming and hard to do. If you find it difficult to wrap your head around on how you can transform your current sales practices to inbound sales practices then, consider reach out to a company who offers this kind of services. And that’s where we come in! airisX has highly trained inbound sales representatives that take all your inbound sales stuff, and they are ready at your disposal.

An inbound sales strategy enacts a continuing engagement to your leads as individuals, providing them with the educational engagement they want and making an efficient, targeted sale.

airisX provides business services: from onshore, nearshore, and offshore services to contract manufacturing to warehousing and fulfillment.

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